Design Charts of Honeycomb Retaining Walls

These design charts are provided as a guide and it is therefore of paramount importance that each design should be fully checked for any differences in site conditions and soil properties by a professional engineer with a good geotechnical knowledge.
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Chart list:

  •   Typical Cross-section of a Honeycomb wall
  •   Angle of Shearing Resistance of Backfill of the Honeycomb walls
  •   Design Chart for single Honeycomb walls
  •   Design Chart for double Honeycomb walls
  •   Forces on the wall
  •   Honeycomb® walls with reinforced backfill for wall heights of over
    10 metres.

Typical Cross-section of a Honeycomb wall

Angle of Shearing Resistance of Backfill
Angle of Shearing of Foundation assumed the same

Design Chart for Single Honeycomb® Walls

Design Chart for Double Honeycomb® Walls

Forces on the Wall

For more information see Reynold's Reinforced Concrete Designer's Handbook.

Honeycomb® Walls with reinforced backfill
Wall heights of over 10m feasible.

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