Honeycomb Retaining Systems and the Industrial Sector?

How can we improve your site facilities?

Honeycomb Retaining Systems has an excellent product that can be used for a variety of product applications - either to build attractive garden features or precision geosynthetic retaining walls to provide that overall finish for your site.

Our engineers job is to determine the length of the wall and the number of Honeycomb® blocks that is required to stabilize a site specific wall application, as well as provide drawings and specifications that show how a wall should be constructed.

Honeycomb Retaining Systems has professional engineers on staff to answer your questions. Our engineers are prepared to answer all technical questions about the unique Honeycomb® wall design. All Honeycomb Retaining Systems wall designs and specifications are in accordance with the current standard of practice in the industry.

To contact a Honeycomb Consultant call 031 9028836
or e-mail sales@honeycomb.co.za


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