Requirements for good plant growth

The growing medium within the Honeycomb blocks should consist of a
free-draining topsoil / compost mixture. Fertilizers should be used with caution as they may affect the integrity of the concrete.
In addition the growth pockets should allow for free drainage of moisture in order to prevent root saturation.

Regular watering is essential. For specific plant varieties, water requirements can be obtained through your local nursery. Excessive or continual watering should be avoided as this may lead to stability problems and possible wall failure.

 Plant Species

The planting of vegetation should take place as soon as possible after the construction of the wall. A vegetation plan should ideally form part of the contract but for smaller projects where professional advice is too costly, the wall should be planted with hardy evergreen creeping plants such as ivy.
Single species vegetation should be avoided as variety adds texture to the wall and reduces the risk of total vegetation failure.

An abridged list of common recommended species for planting in the Honeycomb Retaining walls appears below.

Agapanthus Agapanthus various species
Rooi-ogie Aptenia cordifolia    
Pride-of-the-Cape Bauhinia galpinii  
Amatungulu Carissa macrocarpa  

Sour Fig / Suurvy Carpobrotus edulis

Mirror Bush Coprosma 'coppershine'
Bloublombossie / Wild Aster Felicia filifolia    
Botterblom / Briumgous blom Gaznia krebsiana    
Strandgousblom Gazania rigens  
'Rosie' Hebe    
Big green leaded ivy Hedera canariensis 'Mosiak'  
Ivy Hedera helix 'Goldheart'  
Purple lantana Lantana montevidensis  
Galjoenblom Lobelia valida    
Blue-and-white daisy bush Osteospermum capensis    
Rooikorrel Othonna capensis    
Plumbago / Syselbos / Bloublommetjie
Plumbago auriculata
Wildemalva Pelargonium cucullatum      
Ivy-leaved pelargonium Pelargonium peltatum  
Lekkerstink-salie Plectranthus amboinicus  
Star Jasmine Trachelospermum jasminoides  
Red Cape Honeysuckle Tecomaria capensis 'Coccinea'    
Periwinkle Vinca major 'Marginata'    
Vygie Vygie various species    

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